Health and Freedom


Health and Freedom


We started the Health and Freedom blog to give you and us a way to follow our adventure in regaining our health and in gaining financial freedom.

When we began our journey we were both suffering from a number of health issues that affect far too many people in the world. Many of you will see yourself in the problems we were facing.

  • We were severely overweight, both of us nearing 290 pounds.
  • Patty had been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and Richard was told he was borderline diabetic.
  • Both of us were suffering from frequent headaches and Richard was suffering from migraines, continual asthma attacks and severe allergies.
  • After decades of Richard helping others build their dream contracting businesses and make millions, we were no closer to OUR dreams.
  • We were both working full time and we were still living paycheck to paycheck.

We were not living the life we wanted and it was time for a change!


Whats Next

We are hoping that our story will inspire some of you and that we will have an opportunity to meet others like us that are committed to changing their lives for the better. And for a select few to mentor and teach you what we have learned about the path to better health and financial freedom and connect you with the people that have inspired us.

Before you go any further, please take out a piece of paper and write down why you are skeptical about your future and what you are reading here. Then set it aside for a moment and click on the link below to Richard’s Story. After reading our story, you can decide that you want to move past what you wrote down or you can take it along with you on your adventure.

Please read Richard’s story of the health and financial problems we were facing here.

If what you read there resonates with you and you want to learn more, call us. We would love to hear YOUR story, learn about your goals and dreams and discover if what we have found could be a solution for you.


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