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Now You Can Personalize Your Health with USANA’s True Health Assessment

Personalize Your Health with USANA’s True Health Assessment

The USANA True Health Assessment is here. Now you can finally personalize your nutritional and health needs.

USANA True Health Assessment -  Personalize Your Health

If you are like us, you have felt like choosing the right blend of nutritional products to optimize your health was nearly impossible. The vitamin aisle at the supermarket or the local health food store is literally shelf upon shelf of bottles that goes on virtually forever. Where do you start? Who do you ask for advice on what is best for YOUR health?

The video below gives you a glimpse into how in just 20 minutes, USANA’s True Health Assessment will help you to find out exactly what nutritional products you need and give you both a risk assessment and a lifestyle plan to get you on the path to better health, all in a completely secure and private manner.

For more information visit our products page, visit the official Whats Up USANA blog, or contact us to find out how you can utilize the True Health assessment to personalize your health.

Please feel free to share this blog page with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & other social media, because they deserve to personalize their health too.

Just click on the links below.

All our best,

Richard and Patty Burns

Richard’s Update – Weight Loss & USANA Business Building

Richards Update – Weight Loss and USANA Business Building

If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve it in USANA

Its been a good week overall. Both in terms of getting back on track for weight loss and for building our USANA business.

I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday refreshing and reloading and then had a productive week. The only downer has been the death of one of my mentors, a man I respected immensely, Zig Ziglar. The quote above is in his honor.

So here is my progress report.

Weight Loss

I lost 3.2 pounds for a total of 20.6 lbs in 10 weeks. I am back on the weight loss pace to make my long term goal – 2 lbs per week.USANA Go Nuts n Berries Bars

Even with Thanksgiving and the requisite huge meal with family to start off the week I stayed on track by making good choices for our meals, drinking Nutrimeal meal replacement shakes once per day, snacking on the Go Nuts n Berries bars, drinking at least five 20 ounce glasses of water each day, and walking three times during the week.

My wife Patty will be in San Diego for the next 4 days, so one of two things will happen.

Blakes Lotaburger

  • Either I will just not eat much of anything because she is not here.  Patty is an incredible cook and I have become totally dependent on her to cook.
  • Or I will eat at least one meal a day at Blakes Lotaburger (mmm Green Chile Cheeseburgers) or some other equally fattening fast food place.

I am still focused on losing 2.4 lbs by next Thursday morning’s weigh in. Guess I am just going to have to walk every day. 🙂

USANA Business Building

Patty and I just qualified for our 2nd check! YAY!

Its not a huge one, but getting any size check shows progress and we will take all the wins we can get.

We are finding that what I remembered about the business still holds 100% true, it takes about 6 contacts with a person on average before they decide to join us in the business.

During the past week, last 3 days really, we have been prospecting mostly in our warm market and have invited a bakers dozen and had three presentations.  Our results were one person who is ordering Rev3, one who wants to try some samples that I will deliver on Monday, follow ups scheduled for next Monday & Tuesday for people that have committed to watching the video, and one that said he had watched a couple of segments of the video and we could talk more the next time I bring a check in to deposit (yes, he works at the bank). Of course there were several NOs, but the positives far outweighed them.

What I Have Learned

Weight Loss

3 steps forward, one step back is ok. Its about the compound effect of continuing to eat right, use the USANA products, drink enough water and exercise.

After 10 weeks I am on pace to reaching my weight loss goals and feeling more energetic than I have in years. Poor Patty is having to beat me off with a stick. 😛

During a 2 week time frame when nearly every person in Patty’s office and every relative I have come in contact with (and I have alot of relatives in Albuquerque) has been sick and missing time at work, I have not caught a single sniffle.

Building Our USANA Business

KEEP GOING!! Its not about a day or even a week. While the network marketing business is still the simplest path to prosperity in the history of capitalism, simple does not mean easy or fast. (Hat tip to Mark Yarnell)

Success in network marketing is survival of the fittest at work. Well over 60% quit in the first year, but the earning potential for those that stick it out is exponentially higher than anything else I could be doing with my time.

Yes the MLM business is slow at first for most of us, but its like a snowball rolling down a hill. An even better analogy is doubling a penny every day for a month. On day two you have two cents. On day ten you have just $5.12. After 3 weeks you still only have $10,000. But on Day 30 you have more than $10 million dollars.   $10,737,418.24 to be exact.

Doubling a penny in the network marketing cusiness

Keep the effort up, keep consistent and keep going, and the payoff is huge.

I do hope you decide to join us on our adventure. Once that momentum kicks in there is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please feel free to tell me your thoughts. I appreciate the feedback.

All my best,


Richards Thanksgiving Update – Weight Loss & USANA Business Building

Richards Update – Thanksgiving Edition – Weight Loss and USANA Business Building

Ok, I am more than a little angry at myself. Things have not gone as planed this week for whatever reason. I will spell it out in more detail as we go along.

Wednesday I was actually a little depressed. I am over it now and moving through the stages from depression, to anger to motivated to make sure it doesnt happen again.

So here is my progress report:

Weight Loss

Weight Loss - Man on scale

I gained 2.2 lbs and that was BEFORE Thanksgiving meals.

Why? Patty and I only walked once in the entire week. Still drank one shake a day, but a combination of not eating the right things and too little exercise resulted in a 2 lb weight gain. GRRRRRRR

My goal is getting under 200 lbs and I am not going to get there backsliding one week per month.

Going to get back on it this week. Started out Friday with a shake and will eat a salad for lunch and a Go Nuts and Berries bar for a snack.

USANA Business Building

This one was even more frustrating than the weight gain because I thought I had flat out  rocked it on prospecting. I made 96 phone calls to people I met at professional networking events. 84 new calls and a dozen follow up.

I got 32 people that answered the phone, 21 flat out NOs and 8 that had no time to talk. 3 said call back after Jan 1st, but really didn’t hear much.

I did have 4 people that watched the online Health and Freedom presentation on my USANA website, but I was unable to reach any of them to follow up.

Thoroughly frustrating.

What did I learn?Weight Loss - Glass of water

Weight Loss
Exercise, water, and salads are extremely important to weight loss and to blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates are the enemy of weight loss even if the caloric intake isnt as high as other foods.

The USANA Business
Sometimes its not about what you do, its about being congruent. So today and Saturday I am resting and recharging by listening to prospecting training and reading some things to help me figure out who I want to BE, rather than what things do I need to do. I figure that Monday to Wednesday I was doing the things I need to do. Now I need to make sure I was saying the right things and focus more on who do I need to be.

Please feel free to tell me your thoughts on that. I appreciate the feedback.



The Fallacy of Network Marketing as an Online Only Business

The Fallacy of Network Marketing as an Online Only Business

Many of you know that in the 1980’s and early 1990’s I was relatively successful at MLM. By that I mean I built several organization to a leadership level. In USANA terms that means the Gold Director level or above.

After 20 years away from network marketing I am finding that it still about personal contact.

MLM has Changed?

Nearly everyone I have met over the past year that talked about a network marketing business was telling me, “MLM has changed” and some have tried to tell me, “Network Marketing is all online now”. I have been amazed at how many people and programs there are out there online claiming they can show you how to succeed at the business and never have to make personal contact.

Programs I looked Into

I looked into alot of these so called “instant success at MLM” programs or instant leads programs.

What I found is these people are trying to sell you on the idea, “just buy my product or training and you can do MLM all online”. They will try to tell you “Discover the Foolproof 100 Leads per day system” Just pay me $997.00

Or they will tell you that the Revolution has begun and pay them $59.99 per month and their system will get you 100+ leads per day fast.

Those people are just trying to sell you a program, a product. Most are not working an MLM company and obviously they are still working on the wage mentality. Sell a product, get a commission.

That is NOT what Network Marketing is all about and if they were actually working an MLM opportunity they would know that. They are not. They are sales people. Affiliate marketers at best. Scammers at worst. But not network marketers.

What Network Marketing IS About

What Network Marketing is all about, and what I want to do, is building a team of motivated business owners to leverage my TIME and my effort.

The reason people get into network marketing is a recurring income that happens even if we take time off to enjoy life. That happens when we have helped create leaders in my business that will be working to build their businesses even when we have taken an extended vacation.

Building MLM Leaders for Long Term, Recurring, Leveraged Income

Building those leaders is what ensures you will have a recurring income. Building leaders takes face to face and telephone contact. It takes spending time helping those future leaders learn how to invite, present, sponsor, and then train and mentor their own people to duplicate those actions.

You can’t do that just by sitting at a computer screen or using some catch page system you bought from that guy on Twitter or Facebook.

Yes, you can develop some if not many of your leads online. But you can’t build a sustainable business and recurring income.

The plain and simple fact is that to build a business full of leaders motivated to build their own businesses you still have to pick up the phone and make personal, one on one contact with people.

Can you get leads online?

Absolutely! And there are many methods of digital marketing that do work to create targeted leads of interested, motivated people.

  • Blogging – WordPress. Blogger and other platforms are free
  • Social Media – Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest
  • Email Marketing – Build a list and keep in touch regularly
  • Video Marketing – YouTube, Viddler, etc…
  • Webinars – LiveStream, GoToMeeting and more
  • PPC and Facebook Ads

But you don’t have to pay for a “system” to get those leads. There are plenty of free resources out there to help you learn the basics of those and then go experiment with how they work best for YOU.

Offline sources of leads

The internet is not the only or even the best source of leads. You have leads all around you every day and I am not talking about your warm market.

Here are just a few. Let your imagination go to work and I am sure you can think of dozens more FREE source of local leads.

  • Real Estate Signs
  • Bulletin boards in local businesses with Business cards and ads
  • Local Home Shows, Trade Shows and Special Events
  • Chamber of Commerce and other Networking Events
  • Asking your warm market for referrals, NOT joining your business

So how do I build a sustainable business?

Network marketing is a business of sorting, not selling. You have to talk to people and find out about them as a person.  Are they:

  1. The people you want to work with. That you want to invest your time in.
  2. People that have the dreams and drive and mindset to work the business.

Once you have interviewed people and determined if they are even a good fit for you and this business, then you have to present the products and the opportunity.

Some will tell you that a video or a conference call can do the presentation for you and to a point they are right. But first you have to pick up the phone, qualify the person, find out WHY they want to do the business, what their dreams are and if this opportunity is for them. THEN and only then, direct them to your online video or conference call.

If they don’t have a strong enough why they will simply drop out at the first sign of resistance and you will be building your business over and over and over again.

The Secret to MLM Retention

To get people motivated to work the business you need to talk to them, find out WHY they want to do the business. You have to find out what people’s dreams are and show them a way to achieve them.

To keep people in the business you have to build a personal relationship with them.  You need to train them, guide them, mentor them. You need to show them that you are personally committed to their success. You need to be as committed to their dreams as you are your own. Then they will be motivated to push through all the challenges in building a network marketing business of their own.

You can’t do that from behind a computer keyboard.

The Bottom Line

Pick up the phone, make appointments, and get out there talking to people one-on-one and in groups. The telephone and face to face contact is still the only duplicatable way to build a lasting MLM organization.

Richard’s Update – Weight Loss & Business Building – Nov 15

Richard’s Update – Weight Loss & Building Our USANA Business – November 15th

It has been a good week both in terms of weight loss and in building our USANA business.

Weight Loss

I have lost 4.2 lbs over the past week! Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!

That is a total of 19.4 LBS in 9 weeks.

Alot of people have asked this past week what Patty & I are doing to lose weight.

The answer is pretty simple. We drink one USANA Nutrimeal meal replacement shake per day, eat a USANA nutrition bar when we want to snack, and then eat two regular meals with half of dinner being salad. And we walk for 30 minutes (1.5 miles) at least 3 days per week.


Patty and I had been planning on starting the USANA Reset this past week, but family and business obligations got in the way. I had thought that all the eating out would have meant weight gain on my part again, but I have been practicing making good choices on types of food and quantities so it turned out awesome.

I know I keep saying Patty is going to be posting her own updates and she has some awesome things to say, but since she hasn’t I am going to boast about my awesome wife in both areas.

Patty lost 4 pounds this week and has now lost a total of 10.2 lbs in 9 weeks. Considering this week was one of those water retention weeks (the ladies know what I mean), I am extremely proud of her. She is rocking.

Just so the guys know and don’t get too excited about me being ahead of Patty in weight loss, men start the weight loss process faster, but women usually kick our behinds long term.

The USANA Business Building Front

This has been an interesting and challenging week on the business building front.

Patty and I have done two presentations since I last posted and I have begun doing 5 cold calls per day to real estate professionals and cards I have collected from bulletin boards at some of my favorite places.

Two of the people I have called have had some interest, but I think I need to get more polished on my script. I have gotten several no contacts, 15 nos, 2 maybes and 2 interested parties to follow up with.

I also reached out to some of my old friends that I really want in my front line. One we are following up with Thursday and the other shot me down in flames. LOL.

Patty taken an interest in the Sense Beautiful Science products and is excited about passing out baskets of Sense and doing Spa Parties.

Sense Anti-Aging Skin Care - USANAOur mentor talked with us a bit about her success approaching people using USANA’s Sense products (2 Gold Directors, 2 Silver Directors, and a Ruby Director) and both Patty and I are jazzed about finding a proven method of approach that fits Patty’s personality.

Things are MOVING and we are excited about the direction.

Dealing with Rejection in Network Marketing

Dealing with Rejection in Network Marketing

Stack of Twenty Dollar Bills

This is a funny, but empowering story from my days running call centers.

In one call center I managed I found one of my new telemarketers at the copy machine making copies of a $1 dollar bill. I asked what he was doing and this is what he told me.

You know I have been having a hard time dealing with all the rejection we get. Well, Bill (our #1 salesperson) told me that it takes 100 calls to get to a yes and each yes is worth about $100 dollars to me. So I am making copies of 100 $1 dollar bills so as I make calls I can pile the bills up on my desk to represent how much money each of those calls is making me.

Within 3 months Bill was no longer the top salesperson. You can guess who was.

Apply that to your network marketing business.

How many people prospected does it take you to get one yes?
For me its about 30, but I am not very good at it … yet.

How much is each yes worth to you in the long run?
Here is an example – 100 associates in your organization (Yes’s) = Gold Director which average $66,643 in annual income. So using my level of efficiency in prospecting its over $600 per yes. About $20 per no.

So go make 20 copies of a $20 bill. Each time you get a no, place one of those copies in a stack in front of you and at the end of the day or week, count the bills. That will be a pretty good representation of how much money your efforts will earn you.

The most exciting factor to me
What is most exciting to me is that in network marketing you don’t just earn money on your own efforts OR once. You earn money on the efforts of your entire organization and it is recurring income!

So go out and teach this principle to your downline and watch your organization explode.

Richard’s Update – Weight Loss & Building Our Business

Richard’s Update – Weight Loss & Building Our Business

Last week I was frustrated with myself in terms of both my weight loss goals and building the business.

This week I am feeling better about both and I just need to pick up the pace on prospecting. I will keep you informed.

With no further ado, here is my update:

Weight Loss

Soooo Close! I lost exactly 3 lbs over the past week.

Total weight loss – 15.2 lbs in 8 weeks.

This coming week Patty and I are planning on starting the USANA Reset. The goal is a 5 lb weight loss over the 5 day reset.

The USANA Business Building Front

Over the past week I have taken huge strides and I have come up with a driving factor for me – collecting nos.

A video I watched tonight from Eric Worre and Ray Higdon really got me thinking and my goals are changing. I may not start doing the 20 per day mentioned on the video immediately, but my goals are definitely more than I have been doing.

Here is a link to the video. I think you will enjoy it.

What I realized is you can’t get to a yes until you hear some nos. Right now I am getting about 10 nos to every yes.  So if I want to build my business quicker, I need to talk to more people and collect more nos.

This week  I have begun cold calling real estate agents whose signs I see in my daily drives. So far one no, one maybe, one too busy to talk.

I also began calling the people who opened my email last week. 14 calls, 8 not reached, 4 not enough time to talk, 2 nos.

I also started contacting people I thought would NEVER be interested in something like this. One said lets get together next week after I return from California

What did I learn this Week?

Stretching myself works. I got more results and felt better about myself.

You never know who will be interested in the opportunity or the products. Talk to everyone.

Prospects are everywhere and your list includes every person you have contact information for whether you know them or not. Pick up the phone!

Richard’s Update

Richards Update

I am more than a little disappointed in myself this week.

On the weight front

I gained 0.4 lbs. 😦

A total of 12.2 lbs lost in 7 weeks.

No Excuses. Next week I am losing 3.6 lbs

On the business building front

I spent the past 7 days writing scripts. I am a marketer by avocation, so I feel more comfortable with at least an outline of a script. Maybe I should have spent that time calling people instead. Getting outside my comfort zone.

As a result I approached only 6 people. Did only 4 follow ups. And not one presentation.

On the positive side I sent an email to 96 people I have met at local networking events. I will be doing follow up with the ones that opened the email over the next few days.

I did set two appointments for presentations.

What did I learn from this week?

Action. I need to take more action.

I will write down everything I eat immediately.
By writing down everything I may make better choices.

I will make the calls even if I am not comfortable.
Being in my comfort zone has not helped me achieve my dreams.
Time to step outside of it