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Richard’s Update

Richards Update

I am more than a little disappointed in myself this week.

On the weight front

I gained 0.4 lbs. 😦

A total of 12.2 lbs lost in 7 weeks.

No Excuses. Next week I am losing 3.6 lbs

On the business building front

I spent the past 7 days writing scripts. I am a marketer by avocation, so I feel more comfortable with at least an outline of a script. Maybe I should have spent that time calling people instead. Getting outside my comfort zone.

As a result I approached only 6 people. Did only 4 follow ups. And not one presentation.

On the positive side I sent an email to 96 people I have met at local networking events. I will be doing follow up with the ones that opened the email over the next few days.

I did set two appointments for presentations.

What did I learn from this week?

Action. I need to take more action.

I will write down everything I eat immediately.
By writing down everything I may make better choices.

I will make the calls even if I am not comfortable.
Being in my comfort zone has not helped me achieve my dreams.
Time to step outside of it

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