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Dealing with Rejection in Network Marketing

Dealing with Rejection in Network Marketing

Stack of Twenty Dollar Bills

This is a funny, but empowering story from my days running call centers.

In one call center I managed I found one of my new telemarketers at the copy machine making copies of a $1 dollar bill. I asked what he was doing and this is what he told me.

You know I have been having a hard time dealing with all the rejection we get. Well, Bill (our #1 salesperson) told me that it takes 100 calls to get to a yes and each yes is worth about $100 dollars to me. So I am making copies of 100 $1 dollar bills so as I make calls I can pile the bills up on my desk to represent how much money each of those calls is making me.

Within 3 months Bill was no longer the top salesperson. You can guess who was.

Apply that to your network marketing business.

How many people prospected does it take you to get one yes?
For me its about 30, but I am not very good at it … yet.

How much is each yes worth to you in the long run?
Here is an example – 100 associates in your organization (Yes’s) = Gold Director which average $66,643 in annual income. So using my level of efficiency in prospecting its over $600 per yes. About $20 per no.

So go make 20 copies of a $20 bill. Each time you get a no, place one of those copies in a stack in front of you and at the end of the day or week, count the bills. That will be a pretty good representation of how much money your efforts will earn you.

The most exciting factor to me
What is most exciting to me is that in network marketing you don’t just earn money on your own efforts OR once. You earn money on the efforts of your entire organization and it is recurring income!

So go out and teach this principle to your downline and watch your organization explode.

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