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Richard’s Update – Weight Loss & Building Our Business

Richard’s Update – Weight Loss & Building Our Business

Last week I was frustrated with myself in terms of both my weight loss goals and building the business.

This week I am feeling better about both and I just need to pick up the pace on prospecting. I will keep you informed.

With no further ado, here is my update:

Weight Loss

Soooo Close! I lost exactly 3 lbs over the past week.

Total weight loss – 15.2 lbs in 8 weeks.

This coming week Patty and I are planning on starting the USANA Reset. The goal is a 5 lb weight loss over the 5 day reset.

The USANA Business Building Front

Over the past week I have taken huge strides and I have come up with a driving factor for me – collecting nos.

A video I watched tonight from Eric Worre and Ray Higdon really got me thinking and my goals are changing. I may not start doing the 20 per day mentioned on the video immediately, but my goals are definitely more than I have been doing.

Here is a link to the video. I think you will enjoy it.

What I realized is you can’t get to a yes until you hear some nos. Right now I am getting about 10 nos to every yes.  So if I want to build my business quicker, I need to talk to more people and collect more nos.

This week  I have begun cold calling real estate agents whose signs I see in my daily drives. So far one no, one maybe, one too busy to talk.

I also began calling the people who opened my email last week. 14 calls, 8 not reached, 4 not enough time to talk, 2 nos.

I also started contacting people I thought would NEVER be interested in something like this. One said lets get together next week after I return from California

What did I learn this Week?

Stretching myself works. I got more results and felt better about myself.

You never know who will be interested in the opportunity or the products. Talk to everyone.

Prospects are everywhere and your list includes every person you have contact information for whether you know them or not. Pick up the phone!

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