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Richard’s Update – Weight Loss & Business Building – Nov 15

Richard’s Update – Weight Loss & Building Our USANA Business – November 15th

It has been a good week both in terms of weight loss and in building our USANA business.

Weight Loss

I have lost 4.2 lbs over the past week! Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!

That is a total of 19.4 LBS in 9 weeks.

Alot of people have asked this past week what Patty & I are doing to lose weight.

The answer is pretty simple. We drink one USANA Nutrimeal meal replacement shake per day, eat a USANA nutrition bar when we want to snack, and then eat two regular meals with half of dinner being salad. And we walk for 30 minutes (1.5 miles) at least 3 days per week.


Patty and I had been planning on starting the USANA Reset this past week, but family and business obligations got in the way. I had thought that all the eating out would have meant weight gain on my part again, but I have been practicing making good choices on types of food and quantities so it turned out awesome.

I know I keep saying Patty is going to be posting her own updates and she has some awesome things to say, but since she hasn’t I am going to boast about my awesome wife in both areas.

Patty lost 4 pounds this week and has now lost a total of 10.2 lbs in 9 weeks. Considering this week was one of those water retention weeks (the ladies know what I mean), I am extremely proud of her. She is rocking.

Just so the guys know and don’t get too excited about me being ahead of Patty in weight loss, men start the weight loss process faster, but women usually kick our behinds long term.

The USANA Business Building Front

This has been an interesting and challenging week on the business building front.

Patty and I have done two presentations since I last posted and I have begun doing 5 cold calls per day to real estate professionals and cards I have collected from bulletin boards at some of my favorite places.

Two of the people I have called have had some interest, but I think I need to get more polished on my script. I have gotten several no contacts, 15 nos, 2 maybes and 2 interested parties to follow up with.

I also reached out to some of my old friends that I really want in my front line. One we are following up with Thursday and the other shot me down in flames. LOL.

Patty taken an interest in the Sense Beautiful Science products and is excited about passing out baskets of Sense and doing Spa Parties.

Sense Anti-Aging Skin Care - USANAOur mentor talked with us a bit about her success approaching people using USANA’s Sense products (2 Gold Directors, 2 Silver Directors, and a Ruby Director) and both Patty and I are jazzed about finding a proven method of approach that fits Patty’s personality.

Things are MOVING and we are excited about the direction.

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