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Richards Thanksgiving Update – Weight Loss & USANA Business Building

Richards Update – Thanksgiving Edition – Weight Loss and USANA Business Building

Ok, I am more than a little angry at myself. Things have not gone as planed this week for whatever reason. I will spell it out in more detail as we go along.

Wednesday I was actually a little depressed. I am over it now and moving through the stages from depression, to anger to motivated to make sure it doesnt happen again.

So here is my progress report:

Weight Loss

Weight Loss - Man on scale

I gained 2.2 lbs and that was BEFORE Thanksgiving meals.

Why? Patty and I only walked once in the entire week. Still drank one shake a day, but a combination of not eating the right things and too little exercise resulted in a 2 lb weight gain. GRRRRRRR

My goal is getting under 200 lbs and I am not going to get there backsliding one week per month.

Going to get back on it this week. Started out Friday with a shake and will eat a salad for lunch and a Go Nuts and Berries bar for a snack.

USANA Business Building

This one was even more frustrating than the weight gain because I thought I had flat out  rocked it on prospecting. I made 96 phone calls to people I met at professional networking events. 84 new calls and a dozen follow up.

I got 32 people that answered the phone, 21 flat out NOs and 8 that had no time to talk. 3 said call back after Jan 1st, but really didn’t hear much.

I did have 4 people that watched the online Health and Freedom presentation on my USANA website, but I was unable to reach any of them to follow up.

Thoroughly frustrating.

What did I learn?Weight Loss - Glass of water

Weight Loss
Exercise, water, and salads are extremely important to weight loss and to blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates are the enemy of weight loss even if the caloric intake isnt as high as other foods.

The USANA Business
Sometimes its not about what you do, its about being congruent. So today and Saturday I am resting and recharging by listening to prospecting training and reading some things to help me figure out who I want to BE, rather than what things do I need to do. I figure that Monday to Wednesday I was doing the things I need to do. Now I need to make sure I was saying the right things and focus more on who do I need to be.

Please feel free to tell me your thoughts on that. I appreciate the feedback.



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