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Now You Can Personalize Your Health with USANA’s True Health Assessment

Personalize Your Health with USANA’s True Health Assessment

The USANA True Health Assessment is here. Now you can finally personalize your nutritional and health needs.

USANA True Health Assessment -  Personalize Your Health

If you are like us, you have felt like choosing the right blend of nutritional products to optimize your health was nearly impossible. The vitamin aisle at the supermarket or the local health food store is literally shelf upon shelf of bottles that goes on virtually forever. Where do you start? Who do you ask for advice on what is best for YOUR health?

The video below gives you a glimpse into how in just 20 minutes, USANA’s True Health Assessment will help you to find out exactly what nutritional products you need and give you both a risk assessment and a lifestyle plan to get you on the path to better health, all in a completely secure and private manner.

For more information visit our products page, visit the official Whats Up USANA blog, or contact us to find out how you can utilize the True Health assessment to personalize your health.

Please feel free to share this blog page with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & other social media, because they deserve to personalize their health too.

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All our best,

Richard and Patty Burns

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