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Richard’s Update – Weight Loss & USANA Business Building

Richards Update – Weight Loss and USANA Business Building

If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve it in USANA

Its been a good week overall. Both in terms of getting back on track for weight loss and for building our USANA business.

I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday refreshing and reloading and then had a productive week. The only downer has been the death of one of my mentors, a man I respected immensely, Zig Ziglar. The quote above is in his honor.

So here is my progress report.

Weight Loss

I lost 3.2 pounds for a total of 20.6 lbs in 10 weeks. I am back on the weight loss pace to make my long term goal – 2 lbs per week.USANA Go Nuts n Berries Bars

Even with Thanksgiving and the requisite huge meal with family to start off the week I stayed on track by making good choices for our meals, drinking Nutrimeal meal replacement shakes once per day, snacking on the Go Nuts n Berries bars, drinking at least five 20 ounce glasses of water each day, and walking three times during the week.

My wife Patty will be in San Diego for the next 4 days, so one of two things will happen.

Blakes Lotaburger

  • Either I will just not eat much of anything because she is not here.  Patty is an incredible cook and I have become totally dependent on her to cook.
  • Or I will eat at least one meal a day at Blakes Lotaburger (mmm Green Chile Cheeseburgers) or some other equally fattening fast food place.

I am still focused on losing 2.4 lbs by next Thursday morning’s weigh in. Guess I am just going to have to walk every day. 🙂

USANA Business Building

Patty and I just qualified for our 2nd check! YAY!

Its not a huge one, but getting any size check shows progress and we will take all the wins we can get.

We are finding that what I remembered about the business still holds 100% true, it takes about 6 contacts with a person on average before they decide to join us in the business.

During the past week, last 3 days really, we have been prospecting mostly in our warm market and have invited a bakers dozen and had three presentations.  Our results were one person who is ordering Rev3, one who wants to try some samples that I will deliver on Monday, follow ups scheduled for next Monday & Tuesday for people that have committed to watching the video, and one that said he had watched a couple of segments of the video and we could talk more the next time I bring a check in to deposit (yes, he works at the bank). Of course there were several NOs, but the positives far outweighed them.

What I Have Learned

Weight Loss

3 steps forward, one step back is ok. Its about the compound effect of continuing to eat right, use the USANA products, drink enough water and exercise.

After 10 weeks I am on pace to reaching my weight loss goals and feeling more energetic than I have in years. Poor Patty is having to beat me off with a stick. 😛

During a 2 week time frame when nearly every person in Patty’s office and every relative I have come in contact with (and I have alot of relatives in Albuquerque) has been sick and missing time at work, I have not caught a single sniffle.

Building Our USANA Business

KEEP GOING!! Its not about a day or even a week. While the network marketing business is still the simplest path to prosperity in the history of capitalism, simple does not mean easy or fast. (Hat tip to Mark Yarnell)

Success in network marketing is survival of the fittest at work. Well over 60% quit in the first year, but the earning potential for those that stick it out is exponentially higher than anything else I could be doing with my time.

Yes the MLM business is slow at first for most of us, but its like a snowball rolling down a hill. An even better analogy is doubling a penny every day for a month. On day two you have two cents. On day ten you have just $5.12. After 3 weeks you still only have $10,000. But on Day 30 you have more than $10 million dollars.   $10,737,418.24 to be exact.

Doubling a penny in the network marketing cusiness

Keep the effort up, keep consistent and keep going, and the payoff is huge.

I do hope you decide to join us on our adventure. Once that momentum kicks in there is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please feel free to tell me your thoughts. I appreciate the feedback.

All my best,


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