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Trapped in Network Marketing

Trapped in Network Marketing

Here is another of the emails we have received recently that has a message so powerful I have to share it with you.

The author is an unknown MJ. If anyone knows who wrote it originally I would love to pass that information and a link to MJ’s website along to you as well. Its made a huge difference in my attitude and the actions I have taken today. I hope it does the same for you:

 So I’ve been trapped in an airport

…and while I’m waiting for the weather to clear up, I wanted to write you a quick note to pump you up about your Network Marketing business.

You see, I’m a huge fan of Network Marketing. I’ve taught (literally) hundreds of thousands of people how to become more successful in Network Marketing by improving their prospecting, their presentations and their closing.

And I LOVE teaching all of you!

And I LOVE that you love me teaching you. Heck, my first book has sold over 200,000 copies to date so I know there are a TON of satisfied students who are working hard to change their lives with my materials.

So I want to share a story that will pump you up and get you reinvigorated to go out and change your life today:

A good friend of mine who is a very successful leader in a well-known Network-Marketing company was not always so successful.

He lived in a small town outside of Cleveland and was on the verge of losing his car, his house… Bankruptcy seemed inevitable.

Lucky for him, his upline explained the price of the promise to him.

The promise was: “this business can set you free financially in one to three years.”

The price is: “to succeed, you have to face and conquer four major enemies.”

My friend (we’ll call him Jim) agreed and invited 200 friends over to his house (which was almost in foreclosure) to watch a video…

80 said NO. And that was…


He thought “well, my upline warned me about that but I still have 120 people who are coming over.”

Guess what? Only 70 showed up. Jim had just encountered…


Jim thought “no problem, my upline warned me about that… at least those 70 watched the video and will want to join my business!”

Guess what? 57 said “not interested.” Which was…


Jim thought “well, 13 people DID sign up, that’s AWESOME!

Guess what? 12 of those ‘awesome’ people dropped out of the business shortly thereafter and that was Jim’s experience with…


Because of attrition, Jim had just ONE serious person who was going to build a business in his downline.

Guess what?

To this day, that single distributor earns Mark over $50,000 per month.

Here’s my question to you:

If you knew that just ONE person was going to make you $50,000 per month, how many phone calls would you make to find them?

How many presentations would you show prospects?

How much time and energy is $50,000 per month from ONE PERSON worth to you?

This story is NOT at all unique in the business of Network Marketing

I know it because I’ve heard the stories from my students and seen this exact scenario play out all over the globe, every single day.

But here’s the catch:

You have your own set of odds… and you won’t know what they are until AFTER YOU’VE SUCCEEDED!

You Can either give up and assume the business doesn’t work…

OR, recognize that you are working through your own numbers

Are you willing to find out what your own set of odds are?

To your success

I do hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did. Now go out and take action to find the one person that is waiting for you to introduce them to network marketing and help them reach their dreams.



I do hope you decide to join us on our adventure.There is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please contact us about the USANA products or the opportunity and tell us your thoughts about this post and our blog. We appreciate the feedback.


How Would You Answer?

How Would You Answer?

We were sent this list of questions in an email yesterday and it seems like a great thing to pass on to you. The answers are both enlightening and powerful motivators. So, how would you answer? Take a couple of minutes and honestly answer these 6 questions

How would you answer these 6 questions?What would you answer for 50000 dollars

  • If someone offered to pay you $50,000USD in cash if you could find and sponsor just 6 new motivated Associates in the next 30 days, would you?


  • Could you?


  • How about 60 days?


  • How about 90 days?


  • Did you know that sponsoring just 6 new motivated Associates will likely be worth far more that a one-time payment of $50,000?


  • What are you waiting for?


Now that you have answered those questions, I have one more. What action can you take right now that will move you closer to sponsoring those 6 new associates? Not tomorrow. Not later. Right now.

So why are you still on this page? Go do it.



I do hope you decide to join us on our adventure.There is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please contact us about the USANA products or the opportunity and tell us your thoughts about this post and our blog. We appreciate the feedback.

Supplemental magnesium improves physical performance in healthy older women

Supplemental magnesium improves physical performance in healthy older women

At a GlanceA recent study has shown a benefit of supplemental magnesium for improving physical performance in healthy older women.

Read more about this research below.

Magnesium (Mg) is an essential mineral important in the structure and the function of the human body and also as a cofactor for hundreds of enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body. Unfortunately, dietary surveys in the US continue to show that older people are particularly susceptible to magnesium deficiency for various reasons, including an inadequate dietary intake, reduced absorption, and greater losses in stools and urine. A poor magnesium status has been associated with reduced physical performance, but to date no trials have established a link between magnesium supplementation and physical performance in the elderly.

In a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, investigators sought to determine whether oral magnesium supplementation could improve physical performance in healthy older women. The research group included 139 healthy women with an average age of 71.5 years that were attending a mild fitness program. The study group included 77 controls and 62 women who were given 300 mg/day of magnesium oxide for 12 weeks. The researchers were blinded to the grouping. 

The primary outcome analyzed was a change in the Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB). The scores for the SPPB did not differ between the two groups at baseline.  After 12 weeks of supplementation, the group taking magnesium had a significantly better total SPPB score than the controls. The treatment group also had a significantly better test score for chair stand times and 4 minute walking speeds. The improvements were even more evident in women with dietary magnesium intakes below the RDA. 

The findings of this study indicate that magnesium supplementation may play a role in delaying age-related decline in physical performance in healthy older women, especially if dietary intake is below recommended levels.
Nicola Veronese et al. Effect of oral magnesium supplementation on physical performance in healthy elderly women involved in a weekly exercise program: a randomized controlled trial. Am J Clin Nutr published ahead of print July 9, 2014 doi: 10.3945/ajcn.113.080168. 

Get Off That Nail

Get Off That Nail

Get up off that nail

A farmer sat on his front porch with his old hound dog lying at his feet, when a stranger walked up to ask directions.

As the farmer talked, the old hound would moan and cry. The stranger asked, “Why is your dog crying?” The farmer said, “He’s sitting on a nail.” “Then why doesn’t he move?” asked the stranger.

“It doesn’t hurt bad enough yet,” said the farmer.

You know you have a nail that you’re sitting on, because you are reading this blog right now. You know there’s a change you need to make that will make things better for you and your family. For most of you, you won’t make that change until the pain finally forces you to move. Why not get off that nail today?

Watch this video and take the next step.

Take the Next Step

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