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Get Off That Nail

Get Off That Nail

Get up off that nail

A farmer sat on his front porch with his old hound dog lying at his feet, when a stranger walked up to ask directions.

As the farmer talked, the old hound would moan and cry. The stranger asked, “Why is your dog crying?” The farmer said, “He’s sitting on a nail.” “Then why doesn’t he move?” asked the stranger.

“It doesn’t hurt bad enough yet,” said the farmer.

You know you have a nail that you’re sitting on, because you are reading this blog right now. You know there’s a change you need to make that will make things better for you and your family. For most of you, you won’t make that change until the pain finally forces you to move. Why not get off that nail today?

Watch this video and take the next step.

Take the Next Step

Once you have watched the video and have seen how USANA can help you achieve what you want most in your life, call Patty and Richard at 619-277-6495
or shoot us a quick email to to schedule a time to speak more about getting off that nail.

or visit our Official USANA website at
and click on “Enroll Online” to get started immediately.

We would love to answer your questions, discuss your options and get you started on your path to Health and Financial Freedom

Richard & Patty Burns

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