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So What Do You Do

So What Do You Do?

ACE - What do you do #entrepreneur #marketing #timefreedom #financialsecurity I get asked all the time what is it I do that allows me to be home walking my dog Ace during the day while most people are stuck at the office.

I think this quote from one of my mentors Soomin Kim says it better than I can…

“If you could create ADDITIONAL stream of income without having to obtain a second job, would you be interested? If you could find a way to save possibly THOUSANDS on your taxes would that interest you? How about being able to spend MORE time with your family or spend more time pursuing your passion without the concern of losing income, would that excite you? If you could learn the skills of CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, and subsequently earn THEIR type of income, would that be worth inquiring? For MOST it isn’t a lack of DESIRE, we ALL would like those, but more often than not it’s the lack of a PLAN. I’ll NOT only SHOW you a plan but I will work WITH you and give you EVERY OPPORTUNITY to obtain the skills necessary in achieving your personal and financial goals with the limited time and experience that you may have.”

What I Do

That is what I do. I work with others to help them achieve their goals. Goals of better health. Goals of more income. Goals of more time freedom. Goals of financial security.

The better I get at helping others achieve their goals, the more time I have to walk my dog during the day while you are at the office.

Would you like to learn if what I do is a fit for you? Take the first step and contact me today.

~ Richard

I do hope you decide to join us on our adventure. Once that momentum kicks in, there is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please feel free to contact us about the USANA products or the opportunity or simply to tell us your thoughts on what you have seen and read on this website. We appreciate the feedback.

#networkmarketing #entrepreneur #timefreedom #financialsecurity