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7 Easy, Proven Practices To Jumpstart Your Day

7 Easy, Proven Practices To Jumpstart Your Day
It is the set of the sails, not the direction
It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.

~ Jim Rohn
Each of us begins the day. The question is who is running the day? Who is setting the sails? Do we choose to set our sails consciously or simply allow the winds of our lives to set the direction we will go today?
These are the 7 practices that I do that have proven effective at setting the sail for my day and days. You will find that over time they will get easier for you to do.  Do them all and do them in order and watch how easily your day stays on the course your set for it.
#1 – Get up on a schedule. It doesn’t matter what time.
Some people say get up early, the early bird gets the worm. We don’t live in an agricultural environment anymore, so I’m not sure this is near as important. Before others in your house get up may be beneficial for some, but certainly not critical.
Personally, I am not interested in living a 9-5 mentality. I tend to get up after everyone else has LEFT my house so I have quiet time to prepare for my day. That is up to you.
GET UP on a schedule and keep it strictly, religiously, automatically. Pretty soon you wont need an alarm to get you up.
#2 – Start your day by thinking happy thoughts.
While you are still in that state between sleep and completely awake. Maybe while still laying comfortably under your covers, take a few minutes to think happy thoughts. What things make you happy? Joyful? Fulfilled? Grateful? What is FUN for you? What or who gives you JOY. What or who makes you feel CONFIDENT? Think about those things and only those things for a few minutes.
If that is too hard some mornings just think about how nice your bed feels or how comfortable your pillow feels. 2-3 minutes should be enough to put you in a nice mood before you even get out of bed.
Most people start the day by thinking about what they get done. More than 40% of working age people start their days by looking at their telephone. Texts, emails and other intrusions on your day. My proposition is if you want to have a good day, start some happy, fun, motivating momentum and you are far more likely to have those feelings throughout the day and attract them from others. An avalanche of joy throughout your day by starting the snowball of happy and fun rolling before you even put your feet on the floor!
There is a reason the title of this one is capitalized. Its that important. I keep a liter bottle next to the bed. Before I go to sleep I drink about 8 ounces. (Yes, sometimes I have to get up during the night to go to the bathroom, but since my intention is to stay hydrated its worth it.)  Then right after my happy thoughts meditation I grab the bottle and wash all the nighttime gook down with a big draw off that bottle. Then I drink until that bottle is about 2/3rds gone.
#4 – Read something inspirational.
Not something instructional. I don’t want to think at this time of day, I want to feel. I want to feed my soul. Feed the positive feeling momentum I started earlier. I typically keep a couple of these types of books in the bathroom on a shelf in front of the toilet. Books of motivational quotes. Daily readers. Inspirational authors. Happy, LETS DO IT!! types of books. I recommend reading until you feel happy. For me that can be anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes.
#5 – Get your body moving for 20-30 minutes!
For me that means to get out and walk. I would say go do vigorous exercise, but for many in my age group (over 50 if you are wondering) taking a nice walk in the morning is vigorous enough exercise 🙂   The whole key here is not some heavy duty workout, unless that is your idea of fun and if it is DO IT, it is to get your body moving. You have been lying relatively still for 6-10 hours at this point and your body is designed for movement. Take your dog for a nice long walk, go to the gym, do Zumba on your back porch (and scare the neighbors), do Tai Chi in the park, take a jog in nature. Just get out and start moving your body.
#6 – Write down 3 things you will absolutely, positively accomplish today
What are the 3 things that will do the most to move you towards your goals? Then commit. No questions asked, no excuses these 3 things will get done come hell or high water.
I’m not talking about paying my car payment. That may be urgent, but in the grand scheme of things its not critical. If you pay it tomorrow it probably wont ruin your credit or move you further from your goals. I mean things like – Call the guy on your “chicken list” that you have been avoiding calling for 3 months. Go out and meet 2 new people at starbucks or the dog park today and get their contact information. Follow up with that guy who you were supposed to call last week. Things that once they are accomplished will definitely move you towards the realization of your goals.
I call them my feared things first and unless they have a particular time they must be accomplished, I do them 1st thing in the day.
#7 – Read aloud your affirmations.
What do I mean? Affirmations are goal statements that are phrased as if they have already happened or I am statements.
Most are phrased  – I am, I have/possess, I (feel).
General statements like
I am confident and self-assured
I am enthusiastic and fun to be around
I love the ease with which I am attracting and accepting financial abundance in my life now.
Its so nice that I am finding people that are ready to hear my message about health and financial freedom is happening more and more quickly and easily now.
Specific statements like
I am so grateful to be helping literally hundreds/thousands of people each month to improve their physical and or financial health!
I am so grateful that I am a earning $30,000 per month
I am loving driving my White 2016 Tesla P90d today. I feel so appreciative of all that it brings to my life.
I am so grateful that inviting 10 people per week to learn about my business is easy and …
I am appreciative that…
I am so grateful and happy that…
I am so very thankful…
Take your goals and turn them into affirmations. Then read them aloud every day. I have about 20 ranging from general emotional affirmations for the moment to very specific affirmations for prosperity and the items I am affirming I will have in my life.
My Promise to You
Everyday it will take a different amount of time to accomplish steps 2-7. Some days you will pop up full of life and vigor and direction and pour yourself into these practices. Some days you will drag yourself up and deliberately set the sails for your day.
Typically its a 45 minute process for me. It could take me a half hour and it could take an hour. I give myself an hour everyday.
I promise that if you consistently do these 7 simple, easy and proven practices daily that you will find yourself in charge of your day emotionally. You will sail through your day with a momentum of happiness and move steadily towards your goals and vision.

I do hope you decide to join us on our adventure. Once that momentum kicks in, there is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please feel free to contact us about the USANA products or the opportunity or simply to tell us your thoughts on what you have seen and read on this website. We appreciate the feedback.

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