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What One Sales Skill Should Network Marketers Learn

Rule #1 of Selling is to be crystal clear on your value proposition. Unless you can clearly articulate the outcomes a customer gets from using your product or service, it’s nearly impossible to get them to change from the status quo.
~Jill Konrath

This quote from one of my favorite authors on sales struck me and it got me thinking about how to apply the fundamental principles of sales to an industry filled with non-salespeople.

What one sales skill should every person in Network Marketing learn in order to be successful

People buy because of emotions and rationalize with logic
~author unknown

Network Marketing is also called the direct selling industry. Our profession may be filled with non-sales types, but if no sales are made, then no one makes any money.

To be successful you will have to learn some basic principles of sales. Now it’s not as scary as it sounds. Sales success is about telling stories and storytelling can be very fun. In this case, it’s true stories that are both fun and help people buy from you.

Why People Buy

People don’t buy because of features of products. They are not buying your product because of the studies or the ingredients or the purity or the science or any other fact. They are buying because something about the results your product produces struck an emotional cord with them.

People don’t join your business as associates because of the products or the pay plan or any other feature of the opportunity. They join you because you or someone else struck an emotional cord with a story about a result. A story about an outcome that caused an emotion in them.

The True Stories You Need to Learn to Tell

What are the outcomes your customers get from using your product or service? Not the features, the benefits or outcomes.

What are the outcomes your customers get from using your product or service? Not the features. What are the benefits, the results, the outcomes? What third party testimonials do you have?

What emotions have those outcomes produced in your customers? When you listen to your customers or other testimonials about your product or service, what emotions come up again and again?

How can you best express those outcomes and emotions to your customers?

Those are the keys to selling any product successfully and that is the one sales skill you absolutely must work on mastering to be successful in your company.

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