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Richard’s Update on Weight Loss and USANA : March 4 2013

Richard’s Update on Weight Loss and USANA

Its been an exciting and productive week. This week Patty and I have learned more about our health and about how to build our USANA business than we have in the past 5 months.

Monday evening we were on Tony Daum’s Revolutionize Your Business leadership training call and we have been doing a book study of John Maxwell’s Failing Forward. Major breakthroughs. MAJOR breakthroughs!

This week I also started doing lifestyle prospecting. In other words talking to people that I come into contact with on a regular basis just living my life. Its amazing how easy it is to prospect when the people already know how you have treated them in the past and the type of person you are, rather than straight up cold calls.

Then Patty and I had the opportunity to spend Friday and Saturday in training with Tony Daum. Friday was a personal development training and Friday night was the USANA Vision Tour. POWERFUL!

Then Saturday was a USANA Super Saturday with the morning being a health workshop and the afternoon being a training on how to build your business.

I have already put into practice things I learned this weekend and more are coming.

Woooooooo Hooooooooo!

Thanks Tony Daum. Thanks USANA.

Weight Loss

I have taken off 15 lbs in 7 weeks. In addition I have taken 6 inches off my waist. Like I posted last week, I am wearing a size 36 pair of jeans!

15 lbs more to take off in the next 5 weeks and I will achieve my goal of weighing 200 lbs. I’m on my way!

Come join us. This is exciting, life changing stuff!

The USANA Business

Do you know how exciting it is to see volume in your organization and realize that you have never even met the person the volume is coming from? This week we have looked at our DLM and realized that we didn’t know the person that the volume increase we were seeing had come from. Someone else had signed them up as a distributor or preferred customer. That is POWERFUL!

The past week has been one of AHA moment after AHA moment for me and for Patty.

The Tony Daum training has us both excited and clearer on who we want to be and how we are going to get there.  I am more passionate about this business and life in general than I have been in years. So lets kick this thing in high gear!

In the coming week I have committed myself to introducing USANA to 10 people in person or on the phone, doing 2 presentations (online or in person) and following up with 10 people. If you want to be one of those people, call or email me. Our contact information is below and I would love to talk to you.



I do hope you decide to join us on our adventure. Once that momentum kicks in, there is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please contact us about the USANA products or the opportunity and tell us your thoughts about our blog. We appreciate the feedback.

Network Marketing Training – The Win-Win Proposition

Network Marketing Training

– The Win-Win Proposition

Network Marketing Training - Win Win Proposition

Network marketing is the only business I know of where training your business associates provides a complete win-win 100 percent of the time. One of the foundational truths of network marketing is that the better those you sponsor & mentor in the business DO in the business, the more money you both make.

How does that compare to other jobs, professions and businesses?

Training other employees in a J.O.B.

Think about what you do, or used to do before network marketing, to earn your living. A new employee comes on board and you are asked to train them.  If you train them to do the job as well or better than you can, many times they will be promoted over you.

A friend recently called to complain about his current situation. To protect the innocent, he still works there, I will call him David.

For nearly a decade David has been the top sales rep at his solar company. In early 2012 his company asked him to allow new reps to ride along so they could learn what he did to be so successful at selling solar for residential customers. He was happy to do so because #1 he believed in his company and its products and #2 he had been told that the long-time VP of Sales was retiring at the end of 2012 and he was in line for the position.

I think you can see where this is going. David trained 6 reps in 2012 and several were given territories that were cut out of his territory.  Because of David’s shrinking territory and because of his dedication to training, one of the new reps matched David’s sales totals in the final quarter of 2012. Guess who was promoted to fill the sales management position?

You got it, the new sales rep David trained. It’s not always a win-win to train and mentor other employees when you are an employee, too.

Training Employees as a Small Business Owner

If you are a business owner, think about what happens with your very best employees. You train them to do the jobs in your organization with the idea that the best and brightest will replace you in the everyday tasks so you can work on your business instead of in it.

What happens with those best and brightest? Many, many times they leave to start their own and competing business. The better you are at training them, the more you create your own competition.

It’s a short-term loss. It costs money and time to train your employees. Time you could have spent selling or doing other revenue generating activities.

A mid-term win. While they are still with you, they free your time up and make you money.

It is a long-term lose for you, because you now have to train someone else to fill their position or do it yourself AND they are directly taking business away from you.

Network Marketing Training & Mentoring

In Network Marketing when you train someone to surpass your own production you win because the volume they create is part of the volume in your organization, so you make more money. They win because they are able to succeed to a level they probably couldn’t have without your training and mentorship.

So its a true win-win when you provide effective network marketing training.

Training Available for Our Team

We have amazing and effective training and resources that begin with the industry leading BDS eApprentice online training program and includes both USANA corporate and our organizations program.

USANA Training

  • BDS E-Apprentice Training – Best in the profession
  • USANA corporate calls
  • Wednesday Night Global Training Webinars
  • Vision Tour

Team Dynamite Training

Our mentors, 2 Star Diamond Directors Tony & Tammy Daum, provide an incredible breadth of training and support.

  • Online On-Demand Training Videos – learn at your own pace
  • REVolutionize Your Business Leadership Training –  Live online training
  • Growth & Leadership Training Weekend  –  Quarterly 2 day live online training
  • EXCELLence Performance Coaching
  • Personal Growth Seminars
  • Super Saturday Seminar Training

Live On Purpose Intl Training

Prospecting Training & Google + Hangout Weekly Trainings

Upline Training and Help –  Dr Norm and Barbara Dawson

From One on One Training to 3-way & Skype calls to local support meetings

Your success is important and we work to make sure you have all the resources you need to learn the skills you need and the training you need to become the person you want to be.

Come join us.


We do hope you decide to join us on our adventure. Once that momentum kicks in, there is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please feel free to contact us about the USANA products or the opportunity and tell us your thoughts. We appreciate the feedback.

The Real Value of Building a Network Marketing Business

The Real Value of Building an MLM Business

One of the biggest lessons you learn in Business school is the difference between Assets and Liabilities.

  • Assets add money to your cashflow. Assets put money in your pocket whether you work or not.
  • Liabilities cost money. To acquire, to pay, to lease or rent, to maintain, to insure.

In Network marketing you are building a long term, residual income. The residual nature of that income makes your MLM business an asset and a big one. How big? To get a better idea of how big of an asset your MLM business is, let’s look at other assets.

What Are Other Assets Paying?

There are a number of investments that are typically thought of as assets.

  • A CD in the bank
  • Savings Accounts
  • Stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Commodities like Oil & Gas, Gold, and other precious metals

If they appreciate they will pay interest or a dividend that adds to your cashflow.

How much interest or appreciation are we seeing in those investments? A CD in the bank is paying about 1% today. A savings account may pay as much as 0.25% interest. The stock market has just recently caught up to where it was in 2007-2008.  Treasury Bonds are paying between 0.76% for a 5 year note to 3.03% for a 30 year note. Oil & Gas, Gold and other precious metals have peaked and are on their way down. Gold has lost more than $100 from its peak in just the last 3 months. Silver hit its peak in 2008 and has been on a consistent slide for 4 years. Oil and Gas are down more than $50 from their 2008 peak and have lost more than 10% in the past 12 months.

So some investments are not assets at all as they are depreciating, losing money over time.

How About Real Estate?

We all saw what happened over the last 5-6 years in the housing market. In some areas of the US, real estate is worth half of what it was at its peak. And real estate will cost you money for your mortgage, upkeep, insurance, etc…

If your real estate is mortgage free and you are collecting rents then it can be considered an asset. Typically real estate is a liability.

How Big of An Asset is Your MLM Business?

My goal has been to retire at 65 with an income of $50,000 per year. So what would it take today to do that using the other assets we named?

  • A CD? – $5 million in the bank
  • A Savings Account? – $20 million in the bank
  • Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds?  – The average ROI of those investments to 2.0%, so it would take $2.5 million invested
  • Oil & Gas, Gold and other commodities? – Unknown because they are depreciating currently.
  • More importantly you have to already HAVE that money to invest it.

In USANA, the average income of a Silver Director is $47,308 and a Gold Director is $66,000.

So once you make Gold Director your residual income is about the same as having $5 million in CDs, $20 million in a Savings Account or $2.5 million invested in Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds.

At that point your network marketing business is an asset equal to have $2.5++ million dollars invested.

Let me repeat that. Being a Gold Director in USANA is the equivalent of having $2.5 million invested!

Wouldn’t you agree that working to build your Network Marketing business to that level is creating a HUGE asset for yourself?

The immensity of that asset is what attracted us to this profession. Even if it takes Patty and I five years to build our USANA business to Gold Director by plugging away part time, we are creating an asset that is larger than we could by investing $175,000 per year for the next 14 years until I turn 65.

Others in USANA have built to Gold Director in as little as 8 weeks and the average for those coached by our mentor is 18 months.

Let’s build that asset together!


I do hope you decide to join us on our adventure. Once that momentum kicks in, there is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please feel free to contact us about the USANA products or the opportunity and tell us your thoughts. We appreciate the feedback.

Finally a follow up post! Richard’s Update on Weight Loss and USANA

Richard’s Update on Weight Loss and USANA – 1/19/2012

Yes, I know. This post is a week and a day late, but WOW its been an exciting two weeks!

First some breathing news. Not one asthma or allergy symptom in the 2 weeks and 3 days since I started taking the AO Booster again. I have even mixed up what else I have been taking in 3 day spurts but included the AO Booster each day and No Asthma Attacks or even mild symptoms. I think I have found what works for me in preventing asthma and allergy symptoms. Woooo Hoooo! 51 years to find out something to relieve the asthma.

Many of you already know that USANA started the RESET Weight Loss Challenge Destination Transformation on January 7th. Patty and I are both on the challenge and invite you to join us. It runs for 12 weeks and USANA is giving away $200,000 in prizes!

You can see more about the challenge on our blog or at

Here is my update on how the last week went in terms of weight loss and building our  USANA business:

Weight Loss

This is the area where I had the most success in the past week. I lost 7 lbs in the first 5 days of the USANA Reset Weight Loss Challenge.

Wooooo hoooo!

I am finally under 220 lbs and just 20 lbs from my ultimate goal. And I have over 10 weeks to get there in the Reset Challenge.

I have not been under 200 pounds in 2 decades and tipped the scales at 277 lbs in April 2011. This has been an amazing journey and its just beginning.

I have learned how to eat, how to keep myself motivated to exercise and how to pick myself up off the floor when I blow one or both of those.

Come join us. This is exciting, life changing stuff!

The USANA Business

It has been an interesting if not entirely fruitful two weeks and we have both learned a tremendous amount about peoples motivations.

We have had two people sign up for the Reset Challenge and neither has actually ordered products yet. We did qualify for another check and reactivated a distributor that had canceled their autoship, so it was profitable.

In the coming week my goal is to introduce USANA to 20 people, do 2 presentations (online or in person) and follow up with 10 people + the 2 that committed to buying products but have been out of touch.

What I have learned

About Weight Loss

Its not about some great big exercise program. Its about the little things you do everyday.

Walk 30 minutes. Do some work with the dumb bells 2 or 3 times a day in between tasks. Park at the far end of the parking lot. Do a few extra of each exercise than you normally would do. Eat two bites less than you want.

The little things make all the difference.

About Building the USANA Business

One of the reasons Patty and I chose USANA and to sign up for USANA with Dr Norm and Barbara Dawson is the support and training we were convinced we would have available to us. In the past week we have had fantastic training sessions from both the Dawson’s and from our mentor Tony Daum.

I am having to unlearn some “bad” habits and learn new ones. I have found out that all my sales and marketing experience is actually a hindrance to success in this business. Being a closer is not a positive.

This business is about relationships. Its about being as committed to the dreams of those you sponsor into the business as you are to your own. As committed to finding out what the dreams of those you prospect are as in selling them on the opportunity or products.

The skills I am learning are about learning to draw out peoples vision, their dreams, rather than their pain. Its a slow slog, but a needed one and one that is making me a better person.

I guess that is the biggest benefit of this business when all is said and done. The person you have to become to be successful.



I do hope you decide to join us on our adventure. Once that momentum kicks in, there is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please feel free to contact us about the USANA products or the opportunity and tell us your thoughts. We appreciate the feedback.

Richards Update – Weight Loss & the USANA Business

Richards Update – Weight Loss and USANA Business Building

Interesting Experience

Some of you know that since moving to Albuquerque, I had suffered from asthma and allergies to the extent that I was taking one and sometimes two Claritin D 24 tablets per day to control the symptoms. Even with the Claritin D I was still having a moderate to severe asthma attack once to twice per month. Asthma attacks that kept me in bed all day.

Once Patty and I started taking the USANA Health Pak 100 that includes Mega Antioxidant, Chelated Mineral, Active Calcium and Advanced AO Booster in mid-September 2012, I had not had to take a single Claritin D nor had only had one mild asthma related incident. Even that one event was after not taking my supplements for 3 days.

Well, Patty and I built our own My Health Pak and added Biomega, Procosa and CoQ100, but we left off the additional AO booster that is in the Health Pak 100. We started taking that combination on December 30th.

After just 3 days of taking the My Health Pak instead of the Health Pak 100 I started having mild wheezing/asthma symptoms.

I went back to taking the Health Pak 100 yesterday to see how what effect that has on the asthma symptoms. Is that AO Booster the difference for me in terms of allergic reactions and asthma?

I will report back next week and let you know how I am feeling.

Here is my update on how the last week went in terms of weight loss and building our  USANA business.

Weight Loss

It weight gain this past week. Put on 1.8 lbs. Guess it was too many family dinners and the requisite holiday cookies. I also only worked out once and took one walk.

Well there is hope for me and for you too.

The USANA Reset Challenge starts on Jan 7th and I am going take full advantage of it for motivation, training and discounts on the USANA Reset and Transformation products. The $200,000 in prizes, including 30 trips to Sanoviv Medical Institute, for just for doing what I have already been doing is awesome too.

If you would like more information on the USANA Reset Challenge : Destination Transformation you can take a look at the articles Patty and I posted on this blog:

The USANA RESET Challenge: Destination Transformation


Getting Ready for the USANA Reset Weight Loss Challenge


you can take a look at the official USANA Reset Challenge page:

USANA Reset Destination Transformation Weight Loss Contest

We hope you decide to join on this challenge and create a new you in 2013.

The USANA Business

Patty and I have been working slowly even through the holidays. We got a check this past week and looking forward to more in the weeks to come.

With the USANA Reset Challenge about to start we have a new PC that is going to be part of the challenge and more prospects close to committing than we have had at any other point in our business so far.

Now its about building up one leg to match the other so we can get checks weekly. I can see that happening by the end of January.

What I have learned

About Weight Loss

You cant have your cake and your weight loss too. Well mostly it was cookies and pie, but if you eat all the holiday cheer, you gain weight. I gained 1.8 lbs this past week.

I know what I have to do and during the Reset Challenge I will get additional motivation and some great discounts just for doing it.

Its time to get busy getting to my most healthy weight.

About Building the USANA Business

I have heard and also taught in the past that it takes 6 contacts on average before people take action to either join your business or become a customer.

That has proved true for Patty and I in USANA. People we spoke to more than a month ago are coming around and asking questions and signing up.

I have also learned how important it is to protect my attitude. From negative thoughts from me, from all the negativity in the media & social media, and from negative Nellies in general.

So, no more news other than the weather for me (10:17 – 10:20 PM on KOAT).
When I catch myself having a negative thought I clamp down on it and visualize myself achieving my goals. When people are consistently negative to me about this business or just about life in general I am limiting my contact with them. I am succeeding at this business and I am coming to understand that my real friends are those that are supportive and whose contact lifts me and Patty up.

We are meeting so many amazing people through this business and I am working hard to be that supportive and uplifting person I want in mine and Patty’s lives.

I do hope you decide to join us on our adventure. Once that momentum kicks in, there is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please feel free to contact us about the USANA products or the opportunity and tell us your thoughts. We appreciate the feedback.

A Holiday Follow Up to My Story

Follow up on My Story!

When We Started on USANA

When Patty and I started taking the USANA products on September 14, 2012, I weighed 247 lbs, got tired walking up a flight of stairs and was taking at least one 24-hr Claritin D per day and often two in an attempt to control my allergy and asthma symptoms.

Even though I was taking Claritin-D daily, I was having asthma attacks at least once per month that kept me in bed for the day That meant missing work and losing income. I carried an extra Claritin-D in my pocket at all times just in case one was not enough.

Because of my asthma problems and because of the type of work I was doing I was pretty sedentary.

I was 50+ lbs overweight, tired and had problems breathing most days.

What USANA Products Are We Taking Now?

Patty and I are currently taking the Health Pak 100 once per day each and a Biomega morning and evening.  We are only taking the Health Pak once per day, because I found that when I take it twice per day I have so much energy at night that I cannot sleep. Taking the Health Pak with a meal is essential and Patty and I often eat at 7pm or later because of her work schedule. Once I take my vitamins it takes me 6+ hours for the energy surge to wear off enough for me to sleep, so I was finding myself going to bed at 1-2 am.

Patty and I are also using one Nutrimeal as a meal replacement and a Nutrition Bar, Go Nuts and Berries is our favorite, as a snack. We then eat our normal diet. Understand that our diet is low-glycemic because Patty has type II diabetes. For most meals that means half a plate of meat and carbs and half a plate of salad when we are home.

Patty and I started walking 1.5 miles 3 times per week in early October once we realized that I was not having asthma problems.

Where Are We Now?

Today is December 27th, 2012

I have not taken a single Claritin-D since we started taking the USANA Health Pak. I still carry a Claritin-D with me, but it is the same one that I had in my pocket on September 14th. Over those 14 weeks I have had only ONE mild asthma incident and that was after not taking my Health Pak for two straight days.

I obviously have much more energy. LOL   So much that I can’t take the Health Pak twice per day.

Patty and I have started doing a full hour work out once per week in addition to our walks. Stretching, 30 minutes of cardio, light weights & iso-kinetics, and ground work.

I currently weigh 226.4 lbs. I have lost over 20 lbs and that is through the two biggest eating holidays of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Recently I went out and bought a new pair of jeans that was a size smaller. It was the first time I had gotten smaller in over 10 years!

I am ECSTATIC! And I am not done yet.

The Next Step for Us

January 7th USANA is starting a weight loss challenge – the USANA RESET Challenge: Destination Transformation. With over $200,000 in prizes, this contest will provide all of us with not only the best products to manage our weight effectively, but training and incentives.

My goal is to lose another 30 lbs over the 12 weeks of this RESET Challenge.

Come join us!

Richard Burns

We do hope you decide to join us on our adventure. Once that momentum kicks in, there is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please feel free to contact us about the USANA products or the opportunity and tell us your thoughts. We appreciate the feedback.

Richards Update – Weight Loss & the USANA Business

Richards Update – Weight Loss and USANA Business Building

My last post was 12/6 so this one is more than a little overdue.

Last Friday, 12/14, I took a 3 mile walk and on my way back home I was hit by a SUV that was leaving Estates at Tanoan on Eubank. The black SUV, driven by a woman who was on her pink cell phone instead of paying attention to her surroundings, was moving slowly as it left the stop sign, but it was enough to knock me to the ground.

To make matters worse as I scrambled to my feet and got out of her way, she drove off and screamed at me that I should pay attention to cars. So if you know anyone in Tanoan Estates that drives a black SUV with a plastic hood protector, please tell her to put down the cell phone and be more careful. Next time she may seriously hurt someone.

By the time I finished the last mile of my walk my hip was hurting badly and because of that pain I have not been very active until yesterday. Probably should have went and had the hip looked at by a doctor, but please don’t tell Patty that.

Weight Loss

On 12/12 Patty and I had Alfred “Koollaid” Watson, a personal trainer, come to our apartment gym and put us through a workout. He kicked our behinds, but we felt good the next day other than small aches and pains. We committed ourselves to doing the workout he showed us 3 times per week with a walk 2 other days.

Then I got hit by an SUV and all that went out the window.

I have gained 2.2 pounds since my last post. Patty is holding steady at about 10 lbs lost since we started.

There is still lots of great news on the weight loss front. Since we began this process 12 weeks ago I have taken almost 3 inches off my waist and went out and bought jeans that are a full size smaller. YAY!

Patty and I am slowly working our way back into exercise. We walked 1/2 mile last night and I got in a 1/2 mile walk earlier today. Hoping to increase that to 3/4 mile tomorrow or 20 minutes on the recumbent exercise bike.

The USANA Business

We have been slowly working on the business during the Holiday season without as much cold calls, but we have found that you never know who will be interested.

At Costco on Saturday I was purchasing jeans and mentioned to the cashier that it was nice to buy jeans a size smaller than the last time. She and the person doing the boxing asked how, so I gave them our card. It was incredibly busy or I would have taken more time.

As I was walking away one of the people selling the membership upgrades asked me if he could have one of our cards and he walked with us asking questions, so I got his contact information and set up a time to follow up with him.

At our apartment complex’s Christmas party we spoke with several people that seemed very interested including one that I dropped off samples too today. The apartment manager suggested we put flyers for the USANA Reset Challenge in the workout center.

We also got a new Preferred Customer from one of my Search Engine Optimization &  Social Media clients.

Most importantly, Patty and I qualified for a check this past week!


What I have learned

About Weight Loss

Consistent exercise, even if it is just the short 1.5 mile walk we had been doing, is critical to weight loss. We are really only doing the maintain phase, replacing one meal per day with a Nutrimeal shake, but that combined with the exercise we were doing had resulted in 22 pounds lost in 11 weeks.

Even if I cant walk as far this week because of the pain in my hip from being hit by the SUV, I am still going to walk daily.

About Building the USANA Business

As in weight loss, consistency is the key. Patty and I have committed to talking to 2 new people about the business every day and its paying off. We also found out that even small comments can lead to opportunities to share the business or the products.

I do hope you decide to join us on our adventure. Once that momentum kicks in, there is no telling what peaks we can climb together.

Please feel free to contact us about the USANA products or the opportunity and tell us your thoughts. We appreciate the feedback.