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USANA Online Presentation

Health and Freedom Online Presentation

As you are watching this 10-minute video

Most of you that come to this page have either

  • health issues or goals that you are not achieving
  • or financial goals and life dreams that you have not yet reached.

While you watch this video, think about what you want most out of life with your health and your finances, what your current job or situation is not allowing you to have, dreams & goals you haven’t allowed yourself to dream about before now, and how USANA can help you to achieve them.

In this video, 3-Star Diamond Director Jordan Kemper will explain:

  • What USANA Can Do for Your Health & Finances
  • Why and How the USANA Products Are Different
  • What Others Are Saying about the USANA Products and Opportunity
  • Why 700+ Olympic & Elite Athletes Use & Endorse the Products
  • Exactly How You Can Make Money with Your Own USANA Business!


Take the Next Step

Once you have watched the video and have seen how USANA can help you achieve what you want most in your life, or would like more information about USANA and its incredible products:
Call Patty and Richard at 619-277-6495
or shoot us a quick email to to schedule a time to discuss

  • The USANA Products and what they have done for others
  • What we can do to help you achieve your health and financial dreams and goals
  • The mentoring, training and support that is available to you
  • How you can get started today


Visit our Official USANA website at
and click on Enroll Online to get started immediately.

We would love to answer your questions, discuss your options and get you started on your path to Health and Financial Freedom

Richard & Patty Burns


  1. alona says:

    amazing and great supplements and thesame time usana can change my life.


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  3. […] Health & Freedom Online Presentation […]


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